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But also closed information systems that focus on the basis of ‘real-time data’ on optimum management and maintenance of your assets. With AMprover® you can generate the widest range of reports in an instant. In addition it is easy to export the data for example to an Excel environment and vice versa.

With AMprover® you can carry out sensitivity and risk analyses. The software
package gives an insight into availability, reliability and total costs of your assets.
The software also predicts what will happen in case of disasters and links various assets together. And that is far from all …

✓ FMECA, RCM and Life Cycling Cost analyses
✓ RAMS analyses
✓ Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
✓ Priority box: to determine the right priorities

Advantages of AMprover®.

✓ AMprover® offers insight, overview and control. In this way you can
manage your risks and save costs.
✓ A total package for the management and maintenance of all your business processes.
✓ Insight as to what measures are needed for optimum management
of your risks.


✓ User friendly lay-out and intuitive control similar to MS Office.
✓ A wide range of functionalities: a suitable analysis for every
✓ Excellent support thanks to our training and helpdesk.

AMprover® 3.0 next generation in the cloud.

How is the cloud AMprover® 3.0 working as a service in the cloud (SaaS) The Cloud-based AMprover application—our software AMprover® as a service—run on distant computers “in the cloud” that are owned and operated in a “data service” center by others than TGS and that connect to our users’ computers via the Internet and, usually, a web browser.

The benefits of SaaS.

✓ You can sign up and rapidly start using AMprover
✓ AMprover data is accessible from any connected computer worldwide
✓ No data is lost if your computer breaks, as data is in the cloud
✓ The service is able to dynamically scale to usage needs
✓ Data in service center is safer than on standalone computers

Determining risks & smart life cycle management.

If you aim to ensure the safety and quality of your people, processes, resources and products, risk management is a minimum requirement. With AMprover® 3.0 next generation TGS can quickly identify the risks your physical business assets face, as well as an indication of the associated costs. This can serve as the basis for decisions regarding which measures are best suited to your organization’s objectives. The result is a well-considered maintenance concept that strikes the right balance between system effectiveness (i.e. what it delivers) and total costs.

AMprover Software® 3

AMprover® promises:

✓ Free to use the first year, after first year maintenance fee for data management with SLA.
✓ Simpler and more user friendly design
✓ More effective incorporation of the maintenance, inspection & engineering - data to target the top 10/20/30 poor performers
✓ Fewer man hours to implement


✓ Significantly lower costs to purchase and implement vs.
competing systems
✓ Lower cost and quicker training (onsite training vs. time and T&E to travel to training centers)
✓ 20+% maintenance cost savings
✓ Lower total cost of ownership (reliability & availability improvement)

Most importantly, your maintenance, inspection & reliability engineering team will consistently use it !

Average Industrial numbers.

You can then take action based on the results of the risk analysis. By linking AMprover® 3.0 next generation to your own maintenance management system (SAP, Maximo etc) , you can easily incorporate the measures emerging from the risk analysis. This then enables you to schedule these measures within your own system, allocate responsibilities, and monitor costs and progress.

How we do this?

Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Studies.

A well-designed and properly implemented asset optimization program can significantly lower project costs. Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) modeling assesses a production system’s capabilities, whether it is in operation or still in the design phase. The results from a RAM modeling will identify possible causes of production losses and can examine possible system alternatives. The RAM study is thus a tool for decision-making with help for costs versus benefits analysis.

Image: Top 10/20/30 Risk vs Reliability

TGS RAM studies and RAM modelling.

TGS RAM studies will generate sufficient data needed in order to make decisions for possible systems changes that may increase system efficiency, and therefore increase project profits.

TGS RAM modeling capability has been previously sought by companies looking to increase the productivity of their systems. TGS has extensive experience that has been developed through more than 100 RAM and supply chain studies.

Image: Example Reliability overall

Process Overview:

AMprover Software® 12

Why Choose TGS?

TGS can guide you through the RAM process to help answer tough questions including:
✓ Identifying bottlenecks in the production
✓ Detecting failures in the early part of design
✓ Comparing different design options for production


✓ Optimizing maintenance schedules
✓ Increasing the effectiveness of logistics
✓ Identifying equipment maintenance priorities on failure
✓ Meeting contract production requirements

Equipment risk breakdown

AMprover Software® 7
AMprover Software® 2

Advantages and benefits.

✓ Identification of failure modes and their consequences
✓ Multidiscipline workshops with focus on both local and system effects of failure and repair
✓ Estimates of production availability
✓ Estimates of production time with respect to demand
✓ Estimates of production time above zero
✓ Identification of bottle necks and “production drivers”


✓ Decision support to determine the most cost-optimal solution with respect to:
• Process design
• Spare part philosophy
• Mobilization times and contracts
• Preventive maintenance strategy
• Identification of cost-effective measures
• Knowledge of industry performance methodology
✓ Get in touch to find out more
details about how your business can be optimized for production.

Let’s talk.

RAM analysis is relevant during the entire life cycle of Oil & Gas facilities as it provides valuable input for decision making processes.

Introduction the production availability of a facility is a measure of the proportion of time in which the system is able to operate according to specified criteria. Production availability is critical to operators of Oil & Gas facilities as it affects profits directly. 

Due to the use of the three essential elements: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM), the quantitative analysis of production availability is typically referred to as RAM analysis.

TGS has extensive experience in offering expert consultancy services within RAM analysis for any stage of the life-cycle of Oil & Gas facilities.

TGS envisions that RAM analyses will be increasingly important for design of new Oil & Gas facilities, and for optimizing the operation of existing facilities. Furthermore the gradual ageing of Oil facilities, poses particular challenges in order to maintain production availability.

Valuable input for design decisions.

To enable our customers to maximize production availability and reduce costs, a RAM analysis typically involves an analysis of a base case configuration of the system and several alternative configurations.

Services and tools.

The initial step of a RAM analysis typically includes workshops with customer participation to identify system boundaries, critical components and failure modes.

Work process.
To calculate component reliability TGS takes advantage of TGS own database and industry specific reliability databases combined with vendor or costumer reliability data.

For the purpose of performing production availability calculations of Oil & Gas facilities, TGS uses AMprover® 3.0 next generation. The tool is based on SQL Visual Basic model approach where the system being analyzed is represented in terms of multilevel dependencies between systems and sub-systems and system redundancies. The tool offers a variety of features, which have proven to add value in the design and operation of Oil & Gas facilities:

✓ Calculation and visualization of availability results at multiple levels of system decomposition (overall system, subsystems, and system components)
✓ Calculation of the availability of partial system production modes
✓ Excellent possibilities for pinpointing subsystems contributing significantly to the overall system unavailability
✓ Outstanding visualization possibilities of system dependencies and traceability of availability results

Based on the results of the RAM analysis, we recommend design modifications which are tailored to the needs of our customer.

Deliverables The output requirements are as follows:

✓ Reliability R and Availability A for each unit with a mission time of 1 year
✓ Top 10/20/30 Unreliability items
✓ Top 10/20/30 Unavailability Items
✓ Top 10/20/30 Highest Risk items
✓ Risk vs Unreliability plot
✓ Risk vs Unavailability plot
✓ Weak Link Analysis pointing to the weakest element in the RBD and options (including spare strategy) to enhance Reliability and Availability (R and A before and after enhancement)
✓ Maintenance strategy for each component (i.e. Run To Failure, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance)
✓ The analysis must include the following:
• RBD based on the latest PFD/P&ID/Single line etc.
• All pressure vessels
• Key instruments and control systems (any that can trip/shutdown a unit)
• All electrical motors
• All substations, incoming and distribution power lines etc.
• All other drivers (i.e. turbines)
• All rotating equipment (including Pumps, Compressors, Gears, Fans)
• All piping circuits
• RBI data
• Maintenance equipment repair/service history
• Spares
• Ability to run Weibull and Exponential distributions. All electrical system as
Ex ponential and all others as Weibull
• Annul maintenance budget and the risk associated with under budgeting
• The current state of the two units as far as percent reactive vs planned
maintenance and against industry benchmarking

Refinery example Top 10/20/30 Risk vs Reliability

AMprover Software® 17


We would like to help you. This includes the use of our software. For AMprover® we provide several training and certification programmes. And should you unfortunately have any problems during your day-to-day work, you can always contact our helpdesk. We love personal contact, quick service and solutions.

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